So today was results day for my AS level grades and needless to say they are not perfect. my results were

I.C.T- B

English Language- B

Biology- C

General Studies- C

Maths- D 

To be honest it’s not my best but my target this year was a B for all my subjects, the only one i am really peed off about is maths but it was to be expected. However as you know i only started this study blog recently to turn over a new leaf and hopefully it will work in my favour especially for the few resits i’ll have to do.

A2 I promise i will work 100% harder!

Also thanks for 200 followers! I am so pleased!

"How am I meant to do 14 lessons and 14 maths homeworks in 4.5 weeks and still have time to relax!"
- Sincerely, ease up. I deserve a break.

infinitewow said: Where do you buy your asian stationery? (eg. The notebooks in the picture) Also, any study tips for british secondary school students?

I get most of mine off of various ebay sellers. I usually just search korean stationary or cute kawaii stationary or something like that :) there are websites out there that do them but I usually find ebay cheaper!

Also for secondary school students just make sure you keep up with what you are doing at all times. I know it sounds obvious but keeping up with homework and coursework in the lower years makes you well prepared for the later years and if you don’t have to catch up later on, you can focus on your current new material more!

crxuel said: really!? thats actually so awesome!! yeah me too!! have you seen naruto and one piece yet? :P

Well I’ve seen the odd episode here or there but the amount of episodes scare me. What if I get addicted! But seriously I’m hoping to watch tons of new animes over the summer and both of these are on the list!