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stuck at home with the flu trying to get a bit of work done instead of just lounging around feeling sorry for myself. happy thursday everyone!x

i cannot get over how much i love the disney pencil case

Hello Youtubers!

So basically i have no idea if anyone from Emma’s radcollab video will see this but I’m going to write this anyway! This is an introduction to my blog and what to expect if you are a new follower!

  • So first of all thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, I really really do appreciate it! Any new follower is such a blessing to me :)
  • My name is Hannah, I am 17 years old, I go to a sixth form college in the midlands of England and I am doing A-level biology, maths and I.C.T
  • Most of my content is my own original content because i like to be able to look back on what I have done and share my tips and ideas with other people
  • I do sometimes reblog motivational things such as quotes and other people’s studyblr posts, but not excessively because I should be spending time studying, not reblogging lots of things on tumblr!
  • my ask box is always open and I do appreciate every message and question I get and to be honest I love sharing my advice and opinions with fellow internetters.

So welcome and thanks for stopping by. If you like what you see, put the kettle on and have a scroll, you may learn something new!


lel my bio teacher put me in the A grade group, i feel spesh.

jellybabiesforbreakfast said: "hey, I notice in your bio you mention you're hoping to study biology? I am too, so I was just wondering what unis etc you're applying to (I'm assuming it's this year you're applying)? :)"

I’m applying to Bristol, Newcastle, Reading, Swansea and Salford :)

And yes it is this year i’m applying 


Trying to study when *suddenly a wild cat appears*

literally spent the evening doing past paper questions for maths on my whiteboard and i’m actually feeling really good about it

things i need to accomplish today ♥

  • Finish Unit 1 biology paper from study period (should take about 30 mins)
  • Analyse Unit 1 biology paper and corrections (30-40 mins)
  • Mechanics work (maybe if I feel like it- 20 minutes)
  • Make blank analysis sheets for future past papers (30 minutes)
  • Core 2/stats revision for 30-45 minutes
  • If running out of things to do practice core 3 questions for a little bit.

Seems like a lot but I really want to keep up.

How I plan to conquer A level maths

1. Core 2 and statistics resits
Get 100% on all the my maths tasks
Try as many past papers as possible and get target grade or above in all of them. 
Exam solutions- understand the concepts

2. Core 3, core 4 and statistics
Again 100% on all my maths 
Try all past papers possible at target grade
Exam solutions 
Text book practice 

3. Keep practicing. When I have nothing else to do practice because that is the only way it is going to sink in. 



G’day everyone !:) I’m now collecting more studyblr/studyspo blogs for my studyspiration list !:) Just like this and I’ll add you :) 

( Id like to know if this list was/is helpful for anyone ?And if you would like a different feed on the blog? let me know ok ?:) ) Thank you so much <3