Hey everyone sorry for being a bit inactive but thank you all for your lovely messages! I am going to be away for 10 days so I won’t be on tumblr but when I’m back I will get back into posting an replying to your lovely messages! :)

crxuel said: Heya!! oh wow! you like anime! thats so awesome!! me too! :D

Yeah haha! I’m a big fairytail and soul eater fan especially as well as other animes. It’s one of my favourite past times.

Did an induction session for a level biology with potential students and I actually really enjoyed it. It was fun seeing people coming up as I was in their position last year. So much has changed and I can safely say biology has gone to my 3rd favourite subject to my favourite so I hope I’ve inspired some people :)

Starting now continuing throughout the whole summer i want to 

  • Go out and jog more often
  • Do two 5 minute youtube work outs every day
  • Drink healthy yummy fruit smoothies
  • Read lots of zoology journals such as ZSL
  • Watch and learn about nature on documentaries
  • Keep up with school work by making notes ahead of time